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Diet Hacks and Marco Tips Grocery Essentials

Hay there!!! 

Before I forget I wanted to invite you to my FREE Webinar “10 Things To Stop Doing When You Are Trying To Lose Weight”. It’s a lengthy title but it pretty much nails down what I’m going to teach you!

PLUS, those on the webinar will get first access to pre-register for our coveted nutrition program #DitchDeprivation. It will be super limited in space and we won’t open back up till Spring of 2021.

Moving on, today I’ve got a round-up from a grocery haul PLUS throughout the video I give you TONS of diet hacks, macro tips, and grocery essentials that I can’t live without whether I’m in prep or not.

One of the most common problems that I see with my clients once they hit a fat loss plateau is that they are eating a bunch of excessive calories by way of some of the things I mention in this video.


I repeat- EVERYTHING ADDS UP and this could be one of the many reasons why you may be packing on the body fat or struggle to change the shape of your body.

Here is a link to Amazon where you can find a ton of the items (and more) that I discussed here in this video.

Diet Hacks and Marco Tips

This can again be one of the multiple reasons you may feel like you are stuck or need to reboot some old calorie-heavy habits into some low calorie ones.

Again, I’d love for you to join me for my Free webinar on Sunday, December 20th at 9am and walk away with some actionable strategies to get you on the path to a leaner lifestyle!

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