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How to get competitor-worthy glutes, top exercises to build your assets!

Ready to try some new exercises in the gym?

In today’s video, I’ve got some of the KEY exercises you can add to your routine to lift your butt, tighten your legs, and carve out killer curves.

You don’t have to compete in order to build a stage-worthy body. It takes #PPC (patience, persistence, and consistency) but guess what? The time will pass anyway.

Spend your time effectively with compound movements that will challenge your body and reveal lean sexy muscle with time.

When I create tailor made programs for my Goddess Body Elite Team, I often incorporate the below exercises.

  • Fave move #1- The barbell squat

  • Fave move #2- Barbell step-ups

  • Fave move #3– The barbell hip thrust (get the BEST pad for your hip thrusts here)

  • Fave cardio- Jump Rope HIIT (get my fave jump rope here)

Go ahead and watch the video below so you can get a visual on the exercises PLUS some of my important tips to make these exercises even more effective.

Doing these exercises in this particular order is important. Don’t bounce around and try to move them into a different order.

You want the hardest movement first, then you will move down the list. Cardio is ALWAYS last when it comes to it’s placement in your programming.

You’ll want to feel your best and strongest in the beginning of your workout for the most challenging exercise.

If you do cardio first (a common mistake) you’ll tax your central nervous system too soon in your workout and won’t get an effective lifting session.

Competitor worthy glutes

If the above exercises excite you, or just plain intimidate you, but you so desperately WANT to learn how to train this way, then I have a REAL treat for you.

It’s my LIFE’s mission to empower women to do shit that scares them. If you’ve been reading my blog, been on my Facebook pageor my e-mail newsletter list you’ll know I’m relentless on this mission.

I open up applications for my online coaching program 2x per year for women who are interested in competing, or women who are interested in looking and feeling amazing with personalized programs.

Interested in more info? Get on my e-mail list HERE to get first dibs on applying for this program.

If you have ANY questions from the above video and/or exercises please comment below!

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