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An 8-Week Personalized Program for Women to Build Lean Muscle

Customized to You for Your Best Results!

We Start July 15th, 2024

Let's make gaining muscle easy and debunk the myth that women get bulky. Embrace more calories and strength for a healthier, stronger you!


Have not taken the time to eat at “maintenance”, that is, maintaining your scale weight purposely to gain muscle


Have not taken the time to repair their metabolism, and establish a better relationship with food and their bodies

Has dropped body fat and wants to gain muscle but is SCARED or UNSURE how to do so

Has an intention of competing on a Body Building Stage one day

(Hint: Muscles aren't built on low calories!)

Muscles aren’t built from dieting, they’re built from BUILDING!

Increasing calories SLOWLY + METHODICALLY is my approach--no need to fear eating more food!

You will receive a specific training program based on YOU and YOUR Goals! Upon enrollment, you will receive an intake form to clarify your specific goals, from there you will receive the training program that will get you to those goals!

Everyone will also get their very own custom macros with adjustments in check-ins. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach, and you won't need to figure them out on your own...I will be giving you your macros!

Bi-weekly personal check-ins, in addition to the bi-weekly group coaching calls, because like i said, the only thing group about this program is the group itself! 

We Start July 15th, 2024

One Time Payment of $329 or 2 monthly payments of $179

  • You Want to Build Lean Muscle

  • You Struggle with Nutrition

  • Want to find a balance between dieting and gaining muscle mass

  • You’ve come out of a diet and you want to gain muscle mass

  • You want to increase calories but don’t know where to start

  • You’ve Hit a Plateau in Muscle-gaining

  • You Need Accountability from check-ins with a coach who has done this before

  • You feel overwhelmed with the amount of fitness information out there

  • You Want Expert Guidance on how to ensure you're following the best practices for muscle gain.

  • You Have Body Image Goals: You're aiming to improve your body composition and feel more confident in your body.

  • You Seek Long-term Success: You're looking for sustainable lifestyle changes that will help you maintain your muscle gains and overall health beyond the program.

  • You want to compete on a Bodybuilding stage one day (This is especially for you!)

  • You’re Looking for Quick Fixes: You want rapid results without a commitment to a structured program or lifestyle changes.

  • You’re Unwilling to Increase Caloric Intake: You are not open to adjusting your diet to consume more calories for muscle gain.

  • You Expect Instant Muscle Growth: You expect significant muscle growth in a very short period without understanding the gradual nature of building lean muscle.

  • You Lack Time for Any Commitment: You have no time to dedicate to regular workouts and meal planning.

  • You’re Uninterested in Nutrition Guidance: You’re not open to learning about or following dietary recommendations that support muscle gain.

  • You Have Severe Medical Conditions: You have serious health issues that could be aggravated by increased physical activity or dietary changes (consult a healthcare provider first).

  • You Want to Maintain a Very Low Body Weight: You are focused on maintaining a very low body weight and are not interested in the slight weight gain that may accompany muscle building.

We Start July 15th, 2024

One Time Payment of $329 or 2 monthly payments of $179


  • Fear of "bulking up"

  • Fear of gaining fat

  • Clothes fitting tighter

  • Uncertainty about how to increase caloric intake in a healthy way

  • Unsure of the best training program for YOU

  • Frustration with hitting plateaus in muscle gain or strength gain

  • Struggling with body image and self-esteem

  • Difficulty staying motivated and committed to a fitness regimen over an extended period, leading to inconsistency

  • Feeling isolated in their fitness journey, ESPECIALLY in a phase dedicated to building lean muscle mass

I will identify these fears

as just that...FEARS!

I will work to help you overcome each of these pain points while pushing you to crush your goals without those fears in mind! 


We Start July 15th, 2024


This is a new program based on INCREASING calories, not DECREASING. This is a relatively new idea to have a program to teach HOW to become strong, to be focused on things other than the scale


Ready to gain more muscle mass? Reversing your calories up benefits you hormonally, physically with possibly dropping a little more body fat, getting stronger, and of course, gaining more muscle mass


Something like this has not been done before-- or done efficiently before and I LOVE this area, it’s one of the MOST IMPORTANT areas for lasting body change!

We Start July 15th, 2024

Are you a competitor or dreaming of competing one day?

Increasing calories SLOWLY + METHODICALLY while training hard in the gym is how muscles are built-- not with constant dieting

If you're dreaming of competing one day and haven't taken the time in a muscle-building phase, you're missing out on potential muscle growth

We Start July 15th, 2024



Personalized Check-Ins bi-weekly check-ins right inside the app!

During these check ins I review your food loged, your training, your weight, and your progress photos. 


Completly customized 8-Week progressive overload program specific to you and your goals based on your based on your inital intake from.

That's right this is NOT a one size fits all program, everyone who enrolls will get their very own custom program. 


Bi-weekly group coaching calls where we will cover a variety of topics:

  • Proper weight training

  • Progressive overload

  • Knowing if you're lifting heavy enough

  • Macro Adjustments

  • Troubleshooting


Chat and connect with other women working towards the same goals! 

Communicate with me right inside the group throughout the entire 8 weeks. 

I'll also be droping helpful information and motiviation in the group each week to help keep everyone engaged and energized!


Meal Plan Guide, designed to build muslces while staying lean

Supplement Guide, to ensure that you are taking th eproper supplements to help you progress towards your goals


Completly customize Macors with macro adjustments thorughout the program during your bi-weekly check-ins.  


What your mindset shift needs to be for this journey. No instant gratification that the scale weight will give you in a cut!

  • Why women look “bulky”

  • Don’t fear food

  • Strength vs. scale

  • The importance of bringing up calories vs staying in deficit


Weekly training audits right inside the app to help the entire group improve on their form!

Getting To Know Me:

I’m Alysha, but most people know me as Eash Da Beast 😉

With over a decade of weight training experience and over four years of transforming HUNDREDS of women's bodies, I’ve discovered my passion lies in the main-gaining phase. This is where we keep calories at maintenance or just above, aiming to build lean muscle that lasts.

During this phase, I’ve seen my clients thrive hormonally, achieve balanced lifestyles, feel powerful in the gym, and gain the muscle they need to reshape their bodies! There's something truly remarkable about a woman who exudes confidence in her body year-round, not just when she's on a diet.

Ready to unleash your inner beast and transform your physique? Let's do this together!

If you're reading this, I have to tell you a secret-- muscles aren’t built from dieting, they're sculpted through dedicated BUILDING (as you should know by now ;)

We Start July 15th, 2024


Start enrollment by placing your name and email below, then select Start Enrollment now, on the next page you will be able to select your payment option! 


One Time Payment of $329 or 2 monthly payments of $179

  • What's the biggest difference between Online VIP and Online Group?
    Customization and accountability! With the VIP program you will get a strategy session call with your coach plus everything for you is personalized to your unique goals-diet, cardio, training. You will also check in weekly with your coach and get a video response each week from your coach. If you tend to "fall off" programs easy and struggle with implementing programs this is a better choice for you.
  • Are the workout programs the same for everyone?
    Yes! This is why we require an application. We want to make sure that you are equipped with the right tools to be successful. The goal for this program is to reshape your body with weight training and our programs do just that.
  • Are we given a meal plan or are individual macros set and/or adjusted along the way?
    For in person and online VIP you will have constant communication with your coach and that will be designed for you with adjustments weekly based on your progress. For online group you will get your 1st set of macros done by us and thru the course we will teach the group why, how and when to adjust them. We have a robust portal for everyone with meal plan samples, outlines, fast food meal plans and more.
  • What is the payment schedule?
    A deposit is require to hold your spot upon application. Once enrolled in a payment plan subsequent payments will automatically charged 4 weeks from initial payment to the card on file.
  • What equipment do I need?
    To be successful in this program it is highly recommended that you have access to a traditional gym with machines and free weights. There will also be bonus materials. For example, if anyone from the program is going out of town and needs no-equipment workouts, there are equipment free workouts as well.
  • What do your workouts for this program look like?
    We've designed the training programs for an overarching goal in this program. Most women that seek us out are looking for an hourglass shape...sculpted legs, perky glutes, upper body definition and a flatter midsection. This is done by weight training with machines, dumbbells and barbells.
  • How long are the workouts each week in the workout programs?
    The workouts are around 45-60 minutes 3-4x per week and it's strongly recommended that you have gym access.
  • What if I don’t have weight to lose? Is this only a weight loss program?
    Nope, we transform women who want to change the shape of their body. For some women that means they need to either put on weight slowly or maintain their scale weight and just reshape their muscles. Super fun project!
  • What if i can’t make the weekly live zoom coaching calls?
    That's 100% ok! Each live coaching call will be recorded and housed in the online portal for you to access and watch at your leisure.
  • Is there accountability? That's where I struggle & fall off.
    In-person and Online VIP have their coach in their back pocket. Online Group will only have access to the special private community that everyone enrolled in the program will have access to. This is a great place for y’all to connect with one another between coaching calls, access the collective knowledge of the group, ask about people’s best practices, etc. It also serves as additional place to ask questions to us coaches between calls.
  • Who will be my coach?
    When we receive your application you can specify a coach request, however we cannot guarantee placement due to coach availability. If you are unsure, we will make a recommendation based off your application answers. All of our coaches on staff have different strengths and this is considered with every unique application.
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